Honduras Inspired Food Truck
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Lahleenea brings Honduran Inspired food to Austin; blending authentic dishes with Texas locally sourced ingredients. Honduran food is a fusion of the indigenous Lenca, Spanish, Caribbean and West African cuisines. We invite you to come taste what is dear to us, to explore a bit of Honduras’ vibrant culture through our food!


Lahleenea is the result of our passion for food, a tribute to Honduran culture and our commitment to support local farmers.

Honduran food mixes up cuisines from the Spanish, the Indigenous Lenca people, the Caribbean and West Africa. The Garifunas (Afro-Caribbean people living mostly in the Northern Coast of Honduras and the Bay Islands) have their own way of cooking and is more adventurous and spicy than other Central American cuisines. Hondurans are not afraid of using a few habaneros now and then, as you will find in our menu. You will also find it is very common to use coconut milk when cooking both sweet and savory dishes. Beans are a staple and you will find it with almost every meal. Corn is also a big part of the cuisine, making tortillas and tamales very popular.

The name Lahleenea or La Linea, meaning The Line in Spanish, traces back to a specific place in the town of La Ceiba located in the Northern Coast of Honduras. It refers to the area where the train tracks from the Standard Fruit Company used to run through. At the time a woman decided to open up a small food booth along the train tracks and started selling her delicious flour tortillas with refried beans and cheese. Later on after much popularity her dish came to be known as Baleada. Now, La Linea has at least 15 food booths located over the train tracks selling their Baleadas, now known by the locals and tourist as “The Baleadas from La Linea” and is the inspiration to our name.


To understand the food of Honduras, we have to go back to culture of the Garifunas. Africans and Carib Indians were transported as slaves to the New World. Their need for survival and to fight a common enemy brought these two very different cultures together creating the Garifunas - a new tribe and culture that has been declared by the UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. From Roatan, they eventually settled along the Northern coast of Honduras, hence the presence of Garifunas in La Ceiba and their influence on the cuisine of this region. 

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East Side Food Park
2207 East Cesar Chavez
Austin, Texas 78702

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Represented in Lahleenea’s logo is the Honduran Emerald. The country’s only endemic bird and one of the few birds endemic to any country in Central America.


Copan Mayan Ruins (a UNESCO World Heritage site) are considered the most important ruins for the fully intact hieroglyphs.


The Bay Islands sit on the second largest coral reef in the world.


Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras. When he set foot on the ground his first words were: “Thank God we got out these great depths!” Honduras’ literal meaning is: Great Depths.